Mujib Biosphere Reserve

Mujib Silver Making Workshop

Fine handcrafted items, handmade by the local women in Mujib. All the designs have been inspired by the fauna and the flora of the area and are made to fit your corporate needs.

Mujib Medicinal Herbs Workshop

From the delicate richness of Jordan’s nature, we bring you health and comfort with our exquisite herbal products that nurture both body and soul. These products were grown and packaged by the local community of Dana and Mujib Biosphere Reserves. The herb-drying project uses natural production and packaging processes without the use of harmful chemicals.

Mujib Sandblasting Workshop

We sandblast artistic designs into lake stone and basalt. Choose from our many available designs, or order exactly what you need by supplying your own design or slogan. We also create plaques with stands to mark your special occasions.