Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Jewelry-Making Workshop

Fine handcrafted copper, silver and bronze jewelry handmade by the local women in Dana. All the designs have been inspired by the flora and fauna of the area.

Dana Fruit-Drying Workshop

Sun-dried fruit produce from Jordan, organically grown on the sun-drenched terraces of the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Feynan Candle Making Workshop

Candles incorporating nature whether a flower, green vine, or a slice of orange, the design elements come from the earth and the candles are produced in a nature friendly manner as well.

Feynan Leather Workshop

Candle lanterns, nature boxes, and other attractive gifts crafted out of goat leather, handmade by the Bedouin women of Feynan. These natural cured goatskin products have helped to reduce the damage caused by grazing, by making each goat worth more to Bedouin herders, effectively reducing livestock without harming the Bedouins’ livelihood.